Latest Project:

Velo Editions #1 - Shane de Lange

“Ceci n’est Pas Une Vélo”(after Kosuth & Magritte, & every other modernist ever)

Vélo Café in collaboration with the Outlet Project Room presents Vélo Editions, a curated art space merged with a café food menu. Vélo Editions endeavors to create an alternative platform for artists independent from conventional art institutions. The goal of this art space is to create a sense of community amongst artists, both emergent and established, making Vélo Café a vibrant meeting place where creative energies flow.

Vélo Editions is a folded, handout artwork, operating on a quarterly basis, showcasing four artists per year. Each participating artist signs the menu in an edition of 500. Triennially, twelve submitted works are combined into a concise print portfolio. Each portfolio contains twelve prints, signed in a limited edition of 50.

Artists are invited to submit proposals to Vélo Editions, adhering to a few simple rules: the artwork needs to be A3 format, grayscale only, loosely themed around the term ‘vélo’, and must double as an advertisement. To submit a proposal to Vélo Editions click here.