Sober and Lonely

The Sober & Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art (SLICA) is a non-profit organization whose main focus is on fostering exchanges and conversations between South African and international artists and organizations. Loosely based in Johannesburg and Durban, SLICA is a non-prescriptive platform with an intrinsic curatorial process focused primarily on performance and interactivity. As a floating platform, each concept is uniquely adapted to the specific project showcased, including exhibitions, screenings, lectures, debates and an online archive. The Suburban Residency is the first in a series of artist residency programs hosted by SLICA.

The Sober & Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art has been developed as an extension of Sober & Lonely’s artistic practice to create a platform of sharing and engagement between artists and organizations. To find out more click here.


Assemblage is a non-profit organization intending to connect the visual arts community of Johannesburg, sharing ideas, information and advice, and most importantly to entice collaboration. Assemblage provides an inclusive forum where visual art students, graduates and professionals can network. Assemblage encourages production, participation, professionalism and the sharing of resources, knowledge and skills. Through an informative website, peer mentoring groups, workshops, group exhibitions and other collaborative projects, Assemblage hopes to contribute and promote artistic innovation, collaboration and a proactive vibrancy within the city of Johannesburg. To find out more about Assemblage click here.

Velo Editions

Vélo Café in collaboration with the Outlet Project Room presents Vélo Editions, a curated art space merged with a café food menu. Vélo Editions endeavors to create
An alternative platform for artists independent from conventional art institutions. The goal of this art space is to create a sense of community amongst artists, both emergent and established, making Vélo Café a vibrant meeting place where creative energies flow.

Vélo Editions is a folded, handout artwork, operating on a quarterly basis, showcasing four artists per year. Each participating artist signs the menu in an edition of 500. Triennially, twelve submitted works are combined into a concise print portfolio. Each portfolio contains twelve prints, signed in a limited edition of 50. Artists are invited to submit proposals to Vélo Editions, adhering to a few simple rules: the artwork needs to be A3 format, grayscale only, loosely themed around the term ‘vélo’, and must double as an advertisement. To submit a proposal click here, or for more information click the following link to go to the Vélo Editions site:

Outlet has established partnerships with a variety of residency programs, educational institutions, out-spaces, and non-profit organizations in South Africa. The relationship that Outlet has with its partners allows participating artists to have the option of executing their respective projects with Outlet as a collaborative measure, and an experiment in curatorial intervention. To the left is a list of partners that Outlet is currently related to or collaborating with. To inquire about any of these programs, and/or to propose a project to Outlet as a possible corollary for/with any of our partners please click here, or click on the partner of your choice to the right.