James Webb

Past Project: Untitled

Anonymously, almost unnoticeable, yet completely addictive and totally distracting, a flickering beacon sends off a cryptic message to the old lights of the city. For James Webb’s first project at Outlet he arranged for the rooms electrical lights to be rewired so as to communicate a secret communication in Morse code.

In this untitled intervention, Webb uses the project room as a signal point to the city using an electric light bulb connected to a circuit board to broadcast a coded message. Something to the affect of announcing the perceived genius of the artist and his role in society, the Untitled and absent performance says something of the author on today’s culture, allowing the small, empty space to gain some significance as a media conduit. Some passers-by were perturbed by the seemingly faulty electricity in the room, others understood that it was some kind of message and paused for a moment to see if they could decode it. However, this unspoken message and its secret meaning, recalling Derrida’s distinction between Langue and Parole, and John Cage’s notorious 4‘33”, is kept by the artist whom has to date not uttered the words to anyone.

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